Nepal Association of Software & IT Services Companies (NASIT) Registration and Executive Board Elected || Business Partner Nepal

On January 18, 2023, the Nepal Association of Software & IT Services Companies (NASIT) underwent registration and elected its executive board. A democratic election process was conducted among 16 interested candidates by 32 Founding General Member IT Organizations. The process resulted in the selection of 9 board members, including Richan Shrestha as President (CEO of Quickfox Technologies), Santosh Koirala as Vice President (Executive Director of Techkraft), Nirdesh Dwa as General Secretary (CEO of Ingrails/Veda), Abhaya Poudel as Treasurer (Co-Founder of Gokyo Labs), Alisha Shrestha as Executive Member (Co-Founder of Amnil Technologies), Deepen Chapagain as Executive Member (Country Director of Logpoint), Kailash Bijayananda as Executive Member (SVP of Leapfrog Technology), Narayan Koirala as Executive Member (CEO of Eminence Ways), and Prarthana Saakha as Executive Member (Co-Founder of BIC Technology/Tigg). This election marked a significant moment in the organization's history.

Executive Board

1. President - Richan Shrestha (CEO/Quickfox Technologies)
2. Vice President - Santosh Koirala (Executive Director/Techkraft)
3. General Secretary - Nirdesh Dwa (CEO /Ingrails/Veda)
4. Treasurer - Abhaya Poudel (Co-Founder/Gokyo Labs )
5. Executive Member - Alisha Shrestha (Co-Founder/Amnil Technologies)
6. Executive Member - Deepen Chapagain (Country Director/Logpoint)
7. Executive Member - Kailash Bijayananda (SVP/Leapfrog Technology)
8. Executive Member - Narayan Koirala (CEO/Eminence Ways)
9. Executive Member - Prarthana Saakha (Co-Founder/BIC Technology/Tigg)

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