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What is the Tax Clearance Certificate?

The tax clearance certificate is a written confirmation certificate from a tax authority or Inland revenue department that a person or business has paid their tax at the date on the certificate.

Who issues Tax Clearance Certificate?

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) is authorized to take a tax clearance certificate. The inland revenue department is under the Ministry of Finance, Government of Nepal.

Required Documents:

1) For Entity
  • Copy of the Audit Report.
  • Consolidated Salary Sheet for the year.
  • Copy of the Tax Payment vouchers.
  • Copy of the Tax Clearance Certificate of Previous Fiscal Year.
  •  Application with Stamp, Ticket (Rs.10), authority letter (if applicable) (For Example see below).
2) For Individual
  • In the case of income from employment (remuneration income), Salary sheet with Tax Calculation details.
  • If Income is above 40 lakh need to submit Self-Assessment D04.
  • Application with Stamp(if applicable), Ticket (Rs.10), authority letter (if applicable).
  • Copy of tax payment vouchers.

If the application submitted with all required documentation and tax payment cleared Tax officer will give the same day otherwise it will take a few days.

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Application Sample:

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