Dr KC: I am an aware citizen & constitution grants me freedom of expression.

Dr Govinda KC, who faces a contempt of court charge, has reiterated that it was not his statements but many decisions made by Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli have discredited the judicial system.

Presenting his views in front of a division bench of SC Justices Purshotam Bhandari and Bam Kumar Shrestha on Wednesday, Dr KC said that he is not a ‘subject’ to a particular authority rather he is an aware citizen of a sovereign nation.  

“I am not some subject of an authority but an aware citizen of a sovereign country and the sovereign constitution grants my right of freedom of expression,” said Dr KC, “I have not disrespected the court.”

Meanwhile, the court had heard discussions from the plaintiff’s side. Senior advocates Prakash KC, Raman Shrestha and Shyam Kharel had presented the plaintiff’s case.

Currently, lawyers representing Dr KC are presenting their case in front of the apex court.

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