Dividend of 100 companies announced for FY 2073/74.

Dividend is return distributed by the company to its shareholders from the net profit it had earned. Dividend can be of two types, namely stock (bonus shares) and cash dividends. Each and every fiscal year, companies distribute dividend to its shareholders if company succeed to make profit. Higher the rate of dividend, higher the attraction towards the company and vice-versa. No any shareholders want their company not to distribute any return for the money they had invested.

In Nepalese stock market, most of the investors prefer stock dividend instead of cash. Company which distributed high percent of bonus shares and are going to distribute in the future are mostly traded in the stock exchange, followed by the hike in market price of the respective stock as well. But this may not vary in all cases, as company like Unilever Nepal Limited (UNL) which provide cash dividend around 1270% to its shareholders is the leading company in Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) with market price of Rs 30,000. From the net profit of FY 2073/74, around 100 companies including mutual funds have announced dividends to its shareholders.

Commercial Banks:

Development Banks:







Mutual Funds:

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