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The fourth edition of Bay of Bengal Initiatives for Multi-Sectoral, Technical and Economic Co-operation (BIMSTEC) will be held in Kathmandu, Capital city of Nepal from 30th August to 31st August 2018. Nepal is the current chair of BIMSTEC. The Main focus of Summit will be to increase connectivity between BIMSTEC nation’s including roads, airways, and transmission lines. It will also give top priority connectivity and poverty alleviation.
BIMSTEC (Bay of Bengal Initiatives for multi-sectoral, Technical and Economic Cooperation)
BIMSTEC is the sub-regional group of seven countries in South Asia and South East Asia lying in littoral and adjacent areas of Bay of Bengal constituting a contiguous regional unity. It was established on June 1997 through Bangkok Declaration. It is headquartered in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Member Countries: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Srilanka from south Asia and Myanmar, Thailand from South East Asia. They are collectively home to around 1.5 billion people which constitute around 22% of the Global population.
Objective: The main objective of BIMSTEC is technological and economic cooperation among South Asian and Southeast Asian countries along the coast of the Bay of Bengal. Commerce, Investment, Technology, Tourism, Human Resource Development, Agriculture, Fisheries, Transport and Communication, Textiles leather etc. have been included in it. Provided cooperation to one another for the provision of training and research facilities in educational vocational and technical fields. Promote active collaboration and mutual assistance in economic, social, technical and scientific fields of common interest.


Host country
Host city
31 July 2004
13 November 2008
New Delhi
4 March 2014
Nay Pyi Daw
30, 31 Aug 2018

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