Tsho Rolpa Lake Trek (High Glacial Lake in Rolwaling Valley)

Tsho Rolpa Lake Trek lies between Langtang range and Everest range and the side of both Mt. Langtang and Mt. Everest are the highlights of this trek. The trekkers will be rewarded with the enchanting view of Majestic Mountain Gaurishankar. The route is near by the Tibet border side so that one can understand a little about Tibetan culture too. This area is mostly used by Buddhist people However, we can also see the Brahmin, Chhetri, Tamang and Sherpa villages and theirs life style. The trail following the course of River Tamakoshi on the way to Simigaun adds more thrills to the trek. Between the Everest and Langtang regions is the stunning mid-Eastern range of the Himalayas; the Rolwaling valley. This is home to famous peaks such as Mount Ghauri Shankar (7134m), Dorje Lakpa, and many others. A few miles south of the Tibetan border, it is known as one of the seven hidden valleys in the Himalayas. This is a wild and barely explored district where legendary tales of the abominable snowman, known as the "Yeti", haunt the imagination of climbers. On the slope of Rolwaling Peak itself, the famous British mountaineer, Eric Shipton, first photographed Yeti footprints in 1951. The trek starts from Dolakha, near Charikot, an eight-hour drive from Kathmandu. Trekkers also will be enjoying beauty of Tsho-Rolpa, the largest Glacier Lake in Nepal. There is a Great nunnery Gompa called Bigu Gompa. There are more than 300 nuns. Two festivals are celebrated in a year in this place like Mani Rimdu in Tenngboche Gompa in Khumbu region. In Sherpa Language, Biku means "Seed". There is Sherpa village from where stunning View of Gaurishankar (7,145m), Melungtse (7,181m) and other mountains, a good landscapes; the village of Beding (3,690m) and monastery, the village of Na (4,183m), Tsho Rolpa Lake are the main attractions.
Major Attraction: Exploring the Tsho Rolpa Ice Lake, breathtaking scenery of terrace farmlands, panoramic snow covered soaring high Himalayan peaks, majority of Sherpa people and their own traditional culture, a historical place in Dolakha Bazzar, beautiful and scenic Beding Village.

  1. Drive from Kathmandu to Dolakha 1660m/7-8 hours,
  2. Trek from Dolakha to Shingati 950m/4-5 hours,
  3. Trek from Shingati to Jagat 1440m/6-7 hours,
  4. Trek from Jagat to Simigaon 2020m/7-8 hours,
  5. Trek from Simigaon to Daldung-La 3976m/7-8 hours,
  6. Trek from Daldung La to Beding 3690m/7-8 hours,
  7. Trek from Beding to Na 4180m/4-5 hours,
  8. Trek from Na to Tsho Rolpa Lake 4540m/4-5 hours,
  9. Exploring the high glacial Tsho Rolpa Lake,
  10. Trek from Tsho Rolpa Lake to Beding 3690m/6-7 hours,
  11. Trek from Beding to Shakpa 2250m/6-7 hours,
  12. Trek from Shakpa to Manthali 1070m/6-7 hours,
  13. Trek from Manthali to Piguti 920m/5-6 hours,
  14. Trek from Piguti to Dolakha 1660m/6-7 hours,
  15. Drive from Dolakha to Kathmandu.

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