How to check the DV 2019 results? || Business Partner Nepal.

The DV lottery is fully automated and can be checked online. The only way to find out whether you are successful is to check at You will be able to use the site to check the result on May 15, 2019. You should not be late to check the status because if you win the lottery, you will need to do different processes to get all the necessary information together to get the processing done.

At the time of entry, you will be given a 16 digit confirmation number that has to be used to check your status. You should make sure if the person who is applying the lottery for you has followed the instruction of keeping the photo appropriate. If you lose the confirmation code, you can retrieve it in the entrant status check website if you know the email address that you have used to enter into the program.

After you go the website, enter your confirmation digits, your last name, year of birth and authenticate it by writing the characters shown in the box.

If you are selected you will be a given a good news message and further information on how and what to do in the next processes for the visa. You will also need to prove that you meet the work or educational criteria for the program. You can also seek help from the institution working for the DV for 2nd letter and processes. And on the other hand, if you are not selected, you will be given a sorry message and will be said to try next time.

Do not lose hope is what we must say. There are various issues going on about the immigration process due to the new president of the United States– Mr. Donald Trump. Only after the result, we can find out if there is still the same condition for the immigrants from Nepal, or it has changed to an extent.

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