Cut off price of Guheshwori Merchant Banking and Finance

The bid was opened on Poush 26, 2074 at the premise of NIBL Capital Markets Limited and the successful bidders were allotted the shares on Poush 30, 2074.

An official at NIBL Capital Markets Limited, which managed the auction for Guheshwori Merchant Banking and Finance informed that, the cutoff price for ordinary auctioned shares stood at Rs 166.11. The highest bid amount for the auction shares received was Rs 185. Total 197 applicants had submitted their bids for 45,876 units of ordinary shares out of which 26 investors were able to get hold of the shares.

GMFIL has recently endorsed 15.80% bonus shares from the net profit of the FY 2073/74. Earlierit had also come up with the issuance of 40% right shares. , After distribution of bonus shares and capitalization of 40% right shares, the paid up capital of the national level finance company will reach Rs 80 crore.

GMFIL has posted net profit of Rs 1.59 crore up to the end of first quarter of FY 2074/75.

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