TU Published Exam Routine of 3 Year LLB 2nd Partial Year 2076 ||BPN

Tribhuvan University (TU) has published Exam Schedule of 3 Years LLB 2nd Partial Year 2076. The  3 years LLB Second Year Partial Examination will be conducted by Tribhuvan University, Examination Control Office, Balkhu as per the following program of the 3 years LLB Second Year Partial Examination.
Exam Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
Law422 - Public International Law
Law 430 - Environmental Law
Law 424 - Methods of Legal research and writing
Law 423 - Property Law
Law 426  - Evidence Law
Law 431  - Refugee Law
Law 427 -  Labour Law
Law 429  - International Air and Law
Law 433  - Gender and Inclusive space  justice
Law  428 - Election Law
Law  432  - Criminology
Law 434  - Law of Insurance
Law 421 - Criminal Law
Special Notes:
Due to the fact that some students who are required to submit 3 year LLB Second Year Examination under this program have been discharged to fill the Examination Application Form, the candidates will have to fill the Exam Application Form by 2076/07/06 from the date of publication of this notice to the Campus by 2076/07/08. Examination application form related to the examination process This information has been published for all relevant information to be understood.
  • No re-arrangement will be made for the candidates who are absent in the examination as per the above examination program.
  • Even if there is an unexpected leave, the examination will not be postponed without the prior notice of the TR.
  • If any of your subjects or papers are required to appear in the examination program, go to the Govt. The office will be notified within 7 days of the date it was published. Otherwise, the exam will be conducted according to this program.
  • Come to the Experimental Exam - Contact your campus.
  • The log table, Goswara voucher, graph paper, chart, etc. required for the examination should be brought by the examiner himself and used with the approval of the Central Chairperson.
  • Within 1 month of completing the theoretical examination, the respective campus will have to complete the experimental examination and submit the score, answer sheet and attendance to this office.
  • Prohibited items such as mobile phones, smartwatches, Bluetooth, digital diaries will not be taken inside the building. Otherwise, the centurion may confiscate such items.
  • According to the information on filling the examination application form, only the subjects under the TR and the course prescribed will have to fill the examination application form only by making sure that the course is required to take the exam. Otherwise, the campus or the student will be automatically responsible for this.
  • If any examiner has been found to be hand-written due to visually impaired, hand-to-hand or severe hand-related disease, according to Rule 267, the examination will be done by a contributing author on the basis of disability certificate issued by the official body or physician-certified letter for 1 hour for 100 Marks and a half for less. Hours will be added to the timeline.
  • The examination will be canceled automatically if you take the exam from other centers besides the designated center.

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