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National Examination Board (NEB) is in the final preparation of publishing the results of Secondary Education Examination (SEE) 2075/76. According to the official sources, the result of the SEE examination will be published soon. NEB has also published the list of websites and shortcodes for SMS by which students can check their SEE Examination Result.
The SEE examination was held from Chaitra 11, 2075 to Chaitra 21, 2075 (April 24, 2019) in all six provinces of Nepal except Province No. 2. On province two, it was held on was held from Chaitra 22, 2075 (April 05, 2019) to Chaitra 29, 2075 (April 12, 2019). Four lakhs, seventy-five thousand and three students participated in the examination from all over the country. 

Here is how you can check your SEE result 2075/76:

View SEE Result 2075/76 Online Via Websites:
Here is the list of organization and their websites that will be publishing SEE Result 2075/76:
Apart from these websites, you can also check your results from various other websites.
View SEE Result via SMS/IVR:
You can also check to SEE Result 2075/76 via SMS/IVR. For this, you have to send an SMS via your mobile phone to one of the following numbers by typing SEE (Space) Symbol No.
  • Nepal Telecom  - 1600 (For both SMS and IVR)
  • Ncell - 1600 (For SMS Service) 
There are many SMS service providers other than NTC and Ncell.

Grading System of SEE Result:

Previously the result of SEE used to be published in Percentage but since 2016 A.D. Examination Controller Division has introduced the letter grading system for the SEE Result. The SEE Result comes out in the form of GPA (Grade Point Average), with the highest GPA being 4.00. The GPA is based on the percentage of each of the subjects (Average of Theory and Practical Marks). The Grading system has been introduced in order to motivate students as they don't get a "failed" grade like in the percentage system of scores.
comparison chart which will make you clear about grades and GPA of SEE result:


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